Sunday, April 19, 2009

popcorn on the cob

It's a perfect time to start a science activity! Have you ever wondered where popcorn comes from, other than the back of your cupboard?
Try this:
1. Take some unpopped, popcorn kernels from a jar. Don't use the kind found in a microwave bag.
2. Fold a piece of paper towelling in half and place the kernels between the folds.
3. Lightly damped the towelling with water and put the towelling and popcorn kernels in a plastic zip lock bag. Seal the bag and leave in a warm place, like a window ledge.
4. When the kernels sprout, and tiny thread-like hairs appear in the bottom of the kernels, remove the kernels from the zip-lock bag.
5. Plant each sprouted kernel in a small pot and leave in a warm spot indoors until the plant is several inches high.
6. Transplant the popcorn plants into large pots or in a south facing spot in the garden. Watch over the summer as the plant grows and corn cobs appear on the plant.
7. Harvest the corn when the cobs are about 6 inches in length. The corn on the cob will look like popcorn and not sweet corn on the cob, the kind you boil and eat with butter.
8. You can pull off the husks (the covering from the corn) and have an adult microwave the popcorn right on the cob.

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