Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Butt Nut. fellowship, NTBG,

Well, I finally made it here. The plane diverted to miss a lightning storm, which meant arriving about 15 mintues after my ride was supposed to leave. The good news was that the other planes were also late, so that I wasn't left stranded at the airport.

This is the most amazing experience and I am in awe of the environmental journalists who are sharing in this week's adventure. They are all so young and accomplished that I feel quite humbled.

We spent the day learning about the NTBG and the remarkable work they have done in saving plants from extinction.

This is a photo of the largest seed in the world nicknamed the "butt nut" because of its resemblance to, well, you get the idea. The other thing which stood out for me today was learning about fossils found on this island, something which really surprised me as I associate fossils with Alberta.

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  1. WOW, I thought fossils won't appear on Hawaiian islands because the islands are so young! - Rach