Monday, June 29, 2009

New Book and a New Day

Kids, have you ever had a really bad day? No, make that a really bad week? The kind of week that you want to go to your room, crawl into bed and stay there until you are old enough to drive? You know- you had a fight with your best friend. You forgot your homework and got a detention, your dog growled at you and your mom made you do dishes and not go to the mall. That kind of day and week.

Well, adults have those kinds of weeks, too, except we are old enough to drive and we still have to do all our work. It certainly had been one of those weeks, when suddenly, everything changed.

Our new book arrived on our doorsteps and it was pretty good. One of my books won 3 awards. A wonderful publisher offered us a contract for a book. Someone wanted to print a chapter from one of our books and use it for an exam. (Can't tell you which chapter, but you should bone up on our First Science Books if you are in the Southern United States). I had the best lunch with two of my friends who are brilliant writers who told me not to feel bad about not being wanted. And I found shoes on sale.

The lesson is this: life may sometimes suck big time, but then it gets better and forget whatever was wrong.

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