Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amazing Hawaiian artists

For the last 4 weeks I have been on the hunt for the brilliant artists behind the lava sculputures. After much sleuthing, I managed to track down Eddie and Archie, the talented and eccentric men behind the guerilla art. I might also add, the incomparable Marcia, the other brain behind the best art project ever seen on the islands. As it turns out, Eddie- who is inspired by the natural forms created by the Madame Pele, finds formations that resemble creatures, and by adding a rock, here or there or a piece of coral cleaverly placed, creates imaginative forms. Eddie did't begin his journey into art until he retired in California. Turns out he had an undiscovered artistic bent and soon he was on his way to making bronze statues. He donated a bust of President Ronald Reagan, which is now on the aircraft carrier bearing the president's name. Eddie and his wife, Dorothy, moved to the islands, where the retiree began changing the local landscape in immaginative ways.

Enter Archie, who, when on his way to work noticed the fabulous lava creations Eddie had placed around the island. Archie and his partner, Marcia, are remarkable artists whose work you find in expensive art galleries and private collections. Both artists thought that it would be fun to do something whimsical. With spare wood, paint and a whole lot of humour, they began placing their own cut out creations around the lava. Knowing full well that their outlines could cause a serious car crash, they only placed their art in places where people could safely pull off the road to take photographs. How good are these designs? Well they have a short life span as people steal them. Some times the art is taken from one location, only to show up in another one.

I have all the images from both artists on a disc, but for some reason this computer declines to open the file. I will try again with another machine.

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