Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well, it's been a week since I left Boulder and I've had some time to put things into perspective. We were bombarded with so much information that it was hard to take in all the facts and formulate questions we really wanted to ask. I, for one, tended to blurt out whatever was on mind. The things that stick out now are the follow-up questions that I wished I asked.
It was interesting. When we were in the van coming back from the facilities we all had questions or "ah hah" moments in the day. In retrospect I wished I had asked the following questions:
in response to the presentation where the scientist said, "this piece of data didn't fit and I didn't throw it out". I sat stunned, and I wished I had asked the logical question - do you often do that?
I also wish I asked the head of NCAR the same questions that I had asked the head of UCAR, but his vortex presentation was so interesting I forgot.
And I wished I pressed the head of UCAR harder on some of the climate gate controversy. Well, I do have their emails, so I still could.
Or I could go roller blading as it is a lovely morning.......

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