Wednesday, July 1, 2009

funny book

This blog is not for kids. Adult content follows. Parental permission required to read this posting.
The book jacket featured on this blog belongs to one of the funniest ideas I've seen in ages. Last week I had lunch with two amazing writers: Joan Stuchner and Cynthia Nugent, winners of this year's Chocolate Lily. Look for their book, Honey Cake, as it is remarkable. Anyways, during lunch Joan said she was intersted in the story of Christian relics. A relic is a bit of bone from a Saint that various churches have in their collection. Joan said that there was a tiny church in Italy that claimed to have the foreskin of Jesus from his circumcision. This caused us to laugh so long and hard that the other people in the restaurant gave us dirty looks.
So check out this book when it is out.

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