Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my favorite part of the fellowship

The absolute best thing about the NCAR fellowship was meeting Charles Knight. This scientist began working with NCAR in the 1960's and studied ice in Barrow, Alaska. He taught me how to make ice ribbons and showed me how to make ice spikes. He also did freezing with super cold water. He is the last of the old-time scientists, who makes his own lab equipment. He was doing ice spikes and was using a black and white camera set up with a note "take off your glasses", pinned to the scope. The reason he was using a film camera and not digital or video, was because, "he has to pay for his own film and NCAR won't give him a digital camera!". I kid you not. His other gem was the quote, "your model is only as good as your computer."

I loved this man! I'm sorry the rest of the journalists didn't meet him.

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