Tuesday, July 13, 2010

nailed it!

For reasons I can't explain, nothing is loading on this web site. I have some terrific video which crashes each time I upload it. The last few blog postings are of the NCAR super expesive and way cool plane. It's like a kid's toy. Scientific equipment snaps on and off the wings and nose cone. The entire plane is stripped bare and people and equipment can be strategically loaded into place. They have a room where the equipment is spray painted. Now the interesting thing was why some of the equipment was a funny puke yellow. If something is this color it means it is a prototype. We couldn't take photos of the nose of the plane as it was a secret. Not that any of the journalists would know what the equipment might be, but no photos.
It should be noted that I am a "foreign national" and so cannot be trusted to know such details.

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